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  1. We bought our lovely Gruffy (short for Gruffalo) from Meurig last September. Ray couldn’t have been more helpful! Gruffy and Dougal (our other lovely Westie) have got on since day one. So much fun (?) having two westies rule the roost.

  2. We had a puppy Westie from Ray at Meurig Kennels about 3 years ago and called him Mac. He is lively, noisy, adorable but so cute. He is very healthy and has come from good stock. We would love to come back in the future for a little sister for him, hopefully when we retire, so we can give them both our undivided attention. Mac is so lovely and we wouldn’t be without him. Thanks Ray.

  3. We had a Cocker Spaniel (blue roan) in July 2013 from Meurig. He is beautiful and everybody wants him.He has fitted in well with my eight year old springer spaniel and is a lovely addition to the family. He is quite a little character and we couldn’t be happier with him.

  4. We had a cocker spaniel Roxy, from you, just over 4 years ago now. She is the best dog we have ever had. She is loving and very naughty. She is great with kids, and I would like to say thank you for making this the best addition to our family ever. Eve. Swansea.

  5. Huw and Gaynor Morgan…….I was just wondering if you dogs Ben and Eddie’s birthday was actually on 1st August as the was the date of your post. It’s just because we got our boy Westie from Ray in Sept 2012 and he has just had his 1st birthday on 1st August. I thought that maybe they could be brothers!! My Westie is called Max and is a real character and we love him to bits!!

    1. Ben and Eddie’s Mum was Snow Floss Lass and Dad was Danny’s Wonder Boy and yes born 1st Aug 12. Max looks like our two, if it is true you can send us some photos of Max if you like and we’ll send you some of our boys.
      We were walking them a couple of weeks ago down the Fontygary Caravan Park when a guy came over too us with a wesite and we got chatting about our dogs, to cut a long story short turns out the young female westie he had was Ben and Eddies sister could not believe it we live about 100miles from the kennels and their sister lives around the corner.
      Hope your having lots of Westie fun.

  6. Hi.

    We bought our puppy from you almost 15 years ago, his kennel name being Benji Balloo. We had 15 wonderful years with him only to loose him just a few months ago.

    He was loyal til the end and brought endless pleasure to our family. Thank you for bringing him to us

  7. I had Alfie from you in May 11 he is absolutely perfect he has a lovely character and is full of fun
    I would defiantly recommend you and your lovely puppies
    I have enclosed a pic of Alfie now

  8. Hi ray here’s picture of our weechon and bichon from you , the are beautiful loving and very cheeky but we wouldn’t have i t any other way . Charlotte. Pontypridd

  9. Willow and Wisp our two mini schnauzers are amazing. Healthy boisterous everything they should be coming from the breeder. Excellent service plenty of advice and encouraged to keep in contact with the breeder. The vet said when they had a check up they were in supreme condition.

  10. Hello Ray, Just to keep you updated here’s Ben and Eddie on their first birthday we had them Sept12 and they have been wonderful to be with. Eddie was very vocal when we first came to see them and you’ll be pleased to know that he still is.
    They are just a bundle of entertainment around the house playing catch me if you can, who can rip the rug up first, dig the garden and when going for their local walk down the Fontergary Caravan park become the center of attention due to their footballing skills they seem to have acquired.
    Would not be without them, very much part of the family.
    Thank you.

  11. Our little westie is now almost 4yrs old.She is full of fun and energy,loves playing with toys and is very gentle and loving.Blossom is always with us and she adores travelling.This year she is coming to France and we are going to try out the channel tunnel. She is very healthy and enjoys her 4 very small meals a day.She enjoys being groomed and bathed as well as being wrapped in a blanket in midwinter.This is an ideal family pet. With my brother,s Tibetan terrier she is very much in control and makes him run round.but they get on very well all the same!

  12. Hi Ray, I wanted you to see our dearly beloved, intelligent and beautiful Hudge – Hyjyns in Welsh – registered through you as puppy Huygens Milky Wayfarer 1998. Surely a candidate for a spot of good gene passing! Has had visits to the vet only for injections and checks, so he’s rudely healthy. Despite veterinary pressures, I am not going to have him castrated, since we live in the country and there is no chance (even if he wanted it) of a local puppy explosion! I have carefully researched the question and I am now convinced like you that castration is not a definite advantage in preserving a spaniel’s health. Indeed some indications are that castrated dogs are slightly more prone to cancer, and they certainly put on weight and get less vigorous unless you put them on a military regime, which seems sort of unfair. He keeps himself fit at present by running and playing constantly – still at 5 years old like a puppy. Gorgeous dog, and a sheer gift as a bringer of joy and entertainment as well of course of unconditional love. Thank you so much for his good breeding. Daf

  13. Hello, I bought a westie pup from you in April and I’ve named her Bindi. The whole family love her to bits, although she is often up to mischief and has a very wicked side! However she is so friendly and loves other people! She especially loves playing with a ball and pinching our shoes! I’m not 100% sure but Bindi may be Daisy’s sister (from the comment below)
    She is 5 and a half months old now and has just had her first hair cut.
    You never know, we might have another pup from you one day!

    1. Hi, This is too the owner of bindi. i am the proud owner of daisy. I seen the comment that you think she is bindi’s sister? i am uncertain of that cause she only had her brother with her when we picked her up lol

  14. It has been almost 12 months since Jack came to stay. Although we had a few problems at first Jack has grown in to a wounderful dog. He is so well natured, friendly and handsome and he has totally transformed our lives. We wouldnt be without him and we are so glad that we came to Meurig kennels.
    I would have no hesitation in recomending you to anybody. Thanks again.

  15. I recently brought a westie, called daisy she’s absolutely beautiful and cheerful but quite as a mouse.

  16. hi ray Charlie is know 1year and 2days hoping to take some pics of him with his birthday hat on, he’s doing ok running around like a fruit loop as my son says, at this moment he’s barking out the back, waking everybody up on the street we so glad we have him .he has made our home come alive again. Charlie is our darling we love him so much thank you very much. hope to bring him over again to see you, thank you ray . sue, roy, Charlie pimms of Pontypool xxx

  17. hi ray down yesterday 26 may sorry to have missed you hope your bike ride went well brought Charlie to see you its his birthday on Thursday he’ll be 1year old doing well at the moment he’s fast asleep as i’m doing this for you normally running around like a mad one love him to bits wouldn’t be without him . thank you very much hope to send pics to you mrs pimms Pontypool x x

  18. Hi Ray, we got Max our Westie from you on September 30th 2012 and he is just coming up to 10 months old now. He was a really good boy on his journey home to North Devon from you, we chose him from 2 brothers and we picked Max because he was the shy and quiet one……well he’s far from shy and quiet now, he has a lovely character and is really mischievous!! He’s off to have his first hair cut in 2 weeks, not sure what he’ll think of that. Thank you very much for a lovely pup and companion. Regards Gail, Dean and Jake. X

  19. i had my little pup the saturday just before christmas 2012 did’nt want another dog especailly after having my old westie put down in the may of that year but i love this little girl she’s such a funny character ,was thinking of getting another one for company for her…

  20. hi ray snowy doing really well so such a lovely westie and we might came to see you during summer holiday then you can see how she doing
    thanks so much for her from sylvia hannah and snowy

  21. we had our miniature schnauzer Jake brought to us 14th Feb2012(valentines day) and yes he is a sweartheart.Ray Said that we would not be disappointed with him and how right he was !!! he is everything we wanted in a dog and can not find any fault in him .no bad habits.just an all round fabulous boy,would highly recommend these kennels .thanks to all.

  22. Thank you for our beautiful boy cockerpoo who is called Stanley. He is now 13 weeks old and is amazing. Been out for his first walk yesterday and was brilliant.

  23. Thank you Ray for our 2 beautiful westie girls. We bought them from you in January 2013 and they are bundles of pure joy.
    Karen and Kevin Morgan(Swansea)

  24. Hi Ray

    We bought our cockapoo Meg from you on the 22 March 2013. Meg has settled into her new home really well. All our family think she is a great addition to our family. She is a wonderful mischievous puppy. Meg is easy to train and everyone who sees her adores her.

    Thank you Ray for all the advice that you gave us when we bought her. We will keep you posted her progress.

    Many thanks
    Andrea and Kelvin

  25. This is our 3 year old westie girl called Lottie, we had her off you almost 3 years ago,we did have a boy who bought called Oscar in 2010 but unfortunately at the age of 6 months he died, so 3 months later we were back and finally bought lottie<3, she is such a beautiful dog and is fully of energy and life, she is definitely the heart of the family<3

  26. We got our mini Schnauzer from you in Jan 2013 and he is a wonderful dog. He has such a lovely nature and is bright and inquisitive. We are thrilled with him.

  27. So happy with our little Lilly (little westy pup) She really is part of the family.
    Thank you all very much!

  28. Hi meurig kennel,. We got a westie of u before Christmas and he is a lovely dog his name is Oscar he loves torquay. Life but any ideas on getting him to walk with a led and just like to say thanks.

  29. Hello, I had Prudence from you 2 years ago, you came up my path with the choice of two females prudence and an older female Prudence I chose as she was the youngest. Shs has grown ever so much and has a very funny character, also very clever and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, my best friend so Thank you. Cary-Ann

  30. Hi Ray, We got Dexter from you in June 2012. He is the most sweetest bouncy Cockapoo in the world, very loving and a best friend to my 10yr old son who loves him! He gets lots of attention when out walking and plays with Bella (Cocker Spaniel) that my Mum got from you in August 2010. Here is a picture of him taken 2 weeks ago in the snow.

  31. Mum got Freddie (Cavachon) from you I November 2012 & only last week got his little brother Olly (Bichon Friese) from you. They are both beautiful little pups, very playful, get along very well together & are great company for Mum… Thanks very much

  32. We got bailey from you in 2012, he is now nearly 14 months old and has the best personality you could ask for in a dog, he is confident, clever, happy, healthy, and always wants to be around people.

    Here he is

  33. We had Maisie in August 2011 and I had her as a birthday present. She is a great dog and a beautiful one too! She’s very healthy and a great size, I’m so glad we got her from here and it was well worth the 17 hour journey! I’d like too say thankyou for giving me a fantastic dog!!

  34. We picked up our Westie Maisie on 17 August 2011. She is now one and a half. Maise is so well mannered and a wonderful addition to our family. She was bought for my daugthers 12th birthday. I cannot imagine not having our little Mais around and she brings joy to our household. I cannot recommend Meurig Kennels enough and have already recommended them to friends of ours. A big thank you from the Williams household!

  35. I had a puppy from you a while back and she is such an amazing little girl. She has completed our family and i just want to thank you for raising such a beautiful well mannered little lady. She went for her first trip to groomers and they fell in love with her never knowing such a well behaves schnauzer. She really is cherished

  36. We brought our Snowy from you in December this year! He, along with his brother, was the only cockapoo left and although were originally wanted Westies (they were too young for us to take home) we immediately fell in love with Snowy! Even right from the start he was a lovely, quite and shy little thing! Now he’s 9 months old and he’s filled with our lives with lots of happiness! Lovely temperament and clever! We will have to send you a picture!

  37. We bought our Maggie four years ago from you and she is the best thing that has ever happened to us! We brought her home as a surprise for the three girls and they didn’t think she was real as she didn’t move a muscle!:) (They thought it was a stuffed animal!) The four years we have spent with her are the best four years of our lives! She is very small for a Westie and the kids call her Ratty, she loves posing for pictures, lying in our bed (she absolutely hates her basket) and her teddy’s Timmy,Gerrad,Chris,Baby David and many more!:)
    Thank you so much for this little angel, our lives wouldn’t be the same without her!:) xxx

  38. got our adorable minuture schnauzer holly 2years ago she is a fantastic addition to our family she is funny and brings so much joy to us. Thank you ray

  39. We picked up our adorable little Westie pup Milo at the end of May 2011 and he is now 4 and a half months old. He’s a little furry bundle of fun with a great temperament and very obedient considering his age. He has a real personality and wants to be everyone’s friend! He settled in remarkably well and so did I considering this is my first dog ever!! However Ray was always at the end of the phone for tips and advice. The kennel is clean and extremely well run and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray and Meurig Kennels to anyone. Thank you Ray for a wonderful addition to the family!

  40. hi ray
    thank you so much for little snowy she such a lovely westie puppy she gets on so well with our two dogs and also get on well with our four guinea pigs i sent a photo of her to you and when will be coming to microchip her is there any news on her booster card
    if any one asked me where i had my wesie i would tell that you a good breeder
    look forward to here from you
    many thanks sylvia and hannah and snowy and the other two

  41. Just wanted to let you know that the cockapoo we bought off you earlier this year is absolutely brillant! We’ve called him Snowy because of his colour and he is the most lovely natured puppy you could ever meet! He’s so full of character and very intelligent and is gathering his very own fan club everytime he’s out for walkies! So glad we decided to go to your first! Thanks so much!

    Richard & Iverlyn

  42. Hi Ray,
    Just want to say our little Lexi is settling in really well over here. She’s a mischievous little thing, such a fantastic personality. Thanks for bringing her into our lives
    Best Regards
    Sarah and Leanne

  43. Hi Ray, Thank you for all your help and guidance with our new little westie puppy Lilly!!! She is absolutley gorgous! she is settling in and is very loving, taking her for her second injection tommorow 🙂 will keep you updated on her progress with some pictures soon!!! thanks again. John, Julie and Amber 🙂

  44. hi ray , would like to let u know that our little lexie , the puppy we had from u on 8th sept , is doing fine, she is a gorgeous little thing, and has settled in nicely…i was a little concerned that she prefers sleeping in my conservatory, i thought it may be a bit cold for her , so i put her bed in my kitchen one night, but she hated it, and played up untill i put her back into the conservatory…this was the one and only night she played up…could u advise me of the lowest temperature these dogs can take, because she obviously prefers it colder , u asked me to remind u about sending kc reg papers , hope all’s well with u all at that end .

  45. Hi Ray, if you follow the link I have sent you will see an amazing picture of Woody (18weeks) taken by a professional photographer at the Tour of Britain Cycle Race last week, at Caerphilly. Woody likes to sit anywhere other than the floor and was in my chair, the photographer thought he was so cute, and we have to agree. Imagine our surprise when he turned up on the Cycling Weekly Website, I bet thats a first for one of your Schnauzers. We are so glad we have Woody he gives us so much pleasure even though he can be a bit naughty at times, our friends are looking for a Westie and we have sent your details to them with no hesitation. Lesley and Paul Williams

  46. Recently brought Lilly (Westie) from Raymond. All dogs were beautiful at his kennels. Raymond was very helpful throughout the process. Lilly has a great temperament, is great with the kids, and will be a great addition to the family. Any one interested in buying a puppy from here should go to visit. My only problem was that I wanted to bring them all home!! Thanks again Raymond.

  47. We bought our wee-chon from you in dec 2011 after losing our westie belle ,although she is a little wicked we couldnt ask for a more loving clever dog ,there is not a day goes by were she dont make us all laugh with her tricks and she also has a love for tea ,chicken and socks.Even two family members have been to you since and had two westies .Thank you for helping bringing her in our lives she is such a joy!!

  48. we bought our cockerpoo comming up a year ago from meurig kennels he has been an absolute joy a real treasure and loved by everyone young and old a proper little characterthank you