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  1. Hi Ray,

    We collected Paddy on 2nd July (born 14th April) and he has settled in amazingly! He is full of so much character and is loved by everyone he meets 🙂

    He’s already graduated from puppy school and has moved up to another class and he is brilliant. He picks up everything he’s taught.

    Below is a picture of him showing off his favourites trick.

  2. Hi Ray,

    Just wanted to send an update on Millie our westie pup that we
    collected from you on the 7th September. She has settled really well and all of the family have fallen in love with her. She is such a character and loves going for walks.

    I’ve attached a picture of her for you.

    Thank you


  3. We bought a westiepoo from here about 18 months ago, she has turned into the most beautiful dog we have ever owned, we will definitely be back ?

  4. Hi Ray, just an update on Boris our Westie/Scottie cross! As you can see he had settled in really well (ha!) & Benji and he are now best pals! It was definitely the right decision to take him home we love them both ❤️
    Will send you another pic when he has grown a bit more! ?
    Thank you for everything

  5. Hi Ray

    I collected my westie female pup from you last Saturday. She’s settling in very well and loves all of us; including Alfie, our rescue dog. She is enjoying short walk, playing, eating, endless cuddles & sleeping. I’ve called her Letty.

    I’m so much happier now. I think Stitch would have approved. Thank you so much.

    Sheryl Cadden

    P.S. I would also like to say and huge thank you to Elizabeth Pointer for her lovely message of condolence. I was emotional while reading it, but only due to my happiest memories if being with my Stitch.

  6. Hi, this is Ginny, who we welcomed into our home in June. Ginny has settled in so well, and we love her to bits, she has so much character, no shoe or slipper will ever be safe in our house again, very independent, (and incredibly nosey!) she has even won the cats affection.

  7. Hi Ray,
    Just an update on the two Scottie x westie pups we purchased from you nearly two weeks ago, Bonnie and Jake. They have both settled in well and had their final injections today, so can start taking them out for short walks from next week.

    Denise & Dave Hayes

  8. Our lovely westie, snowy is 7 on October 2nd – wonder if you remember him? When we came to chose him he only had half a tail as he’d had an accident or had it bitten off, nevertheless his personality won us over and people comment on how beautiful he is – we love him to bits – loyal, protective but very very stubborn !!

  9. My husband bought a westie from you for me in 2003. She was my 2nd wedding anniversary present. She was simply amazing and one in a million. Sadly she passed away in February and I miss her every minute of every day. She was with me all the time, except when I was at work, we pretty much went everywhere together. She always knew how to comfort me when I was upset or sick. She used to cheer me up make me smile every single day. I had her ashes made into a ring and will scatter some at her favourite beaches. We rescued a yorkie/cairn cross from the RSPCA. But our home still still has room for a westie and needs one. Please contact me if you have any females available. Warmest regards Sheryl Cadden

    1. Dear Mrs Cadden.
      I am so So Sorry for your Loss!x
      Your Stitch Looks just like my Em!x
      I too am in bits every single day, I miss My Em like you would not believe, she was so much more than what she was (what she so much Is and Always Will BE).
      She is just everything to me, I Miss Her More than some people that have passed!
      Heaven sent Fur Angels over (most people) every time!x
      Your Stitch!x. . . My Little Emma!x They are still with us! There are Just, Total, Complete, Unconditional Love without Question!x I just want her to still be here!x
      I Love and Miss Her So Terribly, Truly – Like you would not believe!x But I am sure that You are feeling the very same.
      I send Sincere, Genuine, Heartfelt Condolences to you and your family at this sad and emotional time!x
      Our Hearts are truly broken from the Pawprints left on Our Hearts, but! Their Spirit’s left Pawprints on Our Soul!x Until we’re reunited on Rainbow Bridge!x
      If alright with you, may I say a prayer and light a candle for memories and rememberance.
      May you find True Comfort and Peace in the prayer of “Footprints in the Sand”.
      And know, find and be embraced by Our Lord’s Unconditional Love.
      Love, Prayer and Blessings

      God Bless xxx

  10. Hi Ray,
    A quick update on Betsy Elizabeth. She is settling in so well it is as if we have always had her! she had her first big girl walk yesterday and is a happy, healthy, hungry, mischevious little madam. As soon as we brought her home she was toilet trained to paper and very rarely misses. Thank you so much for our girl she is a credit to you . Kirsty x

  11. Hi,
    This is Ernie we picked him up the beginning of June. He has settled in to our house so well. He is such a joyful and playful puppy.
    He follows us everywhere, today was his first walk he was a bit unsure of what to do bless him.
    As you can see from the picture there was no problem with Ernie making himself at home.

  12. Hello Ray

    This is dear Arthur we had from you last October 2016
    Arthur is nearly ten months now and such a character.
    I hope his siblings are doing well we are so happy with Arthur our Westie Bichon Frise ….what a lovely dog he has turned out to be…..so loving.
    From Jan and Derek…..

  13. Hi Ray, just to let you know how pleased we are with our little westie Ozzy.
    He has settled in so well with our other westie and follows him everywhere. Despite our long journey home (7 hours) he travelled so well. He’s eating so well and loving the garden. Will send some pictures soon.

  14. Our cockapoo Daisy is one today and is as adorable as ever, we’ve had so much fun with her and is loved more everyday

  15. Today our Cavachon, Gwennie, reaches her first birthday. Happy birthday to her and all her litter mates that are out there somewhere.

    1. Oh my goodness Kim! I have Gwennie’s date of birth as 27.04.16 as advised by Ray. We should try and find out. I would love to know what her litter mates are like. Mel

    2. Hi Mel,
      Wondering if Meggie is Tilly’sister.
      I have Tilly”s birthday as April 28th 2016, wonder if we could find if they are sisters?
      Kim x

  16. We’ve now had Poppy for a year and want to say thank you. She is such an amazing little dog, a proper rural doggie. She loves the beaches, rock climbing and swimming in the local streams. Never known such an intelligent and loving dog. AZ you can see from the photo, she even loves the local views.

  17. Hi, Ray my little bundle of joy Lulu has settled in lovely with our bichon x poodle we also had from you ! Love them both dearly, defo a massive part of our family x Thanks again

  18. Hi Ray, just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with Reggie, he has settled in so well and is firmly a part of our family, we absolutely love having him, he is full of character and enjoys playing with the children, and is a big hit with the neighbours! We wouldn’t be without him.

  19. We have now had Rosie 1 year today. She’s such a sweet natured girl, full of mischief, never stops running about. Loves life in general.

  20. This is Millie, she is now seven months old, we got her in December & she’s gorgeous. Settled in straight away, a bit hard work for two OAP’s but getting there, wouldn’t be without her

    1. Ahhh I think this is Arya’s sister ! We got arya in mid November 2016 – she was born Sep 2016 – and when I got her there was another pup left and always wondered where she went ! I will attach a pic with Aryas first haircut !

  21. McGee turns 1 tomorrow (27/3/17) . We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Full of beans, but calming down the older he gets! Picture attached, excuse the owner!

  22. We would like to thank Ray for our new member of the family. Jeffrey is very happy and healthy and the most adorable dog. He is very intelligent and has the most beautiful temperament. We could not imagine our lives without him.

  23. Here is a photo of Loti on her first birthday (Dydd Gwyl Dewi) She is so loving and full of fun! Diolch yn fawr Ray!

  24. Here is a photo of Lilly (dob 23/11/16) who is now living with us in Dorset . She is a delightful dog , with lots of personality . Thankyou Ray
    Kirsten Browning

  25. I bought Mabel at the end of October and she is a dream. Drives my Boarder Terrier nuts but she is learning. Off to training classes soon. She is so so funny with the cats, collects their bowls after each meal and drops them by the dishwasher. A joy to have.

  26. Hi ray I’ve had my gorgeous miniature schnauzer for 14 months and I love him to bits! He is just the busiest, happiest, energetic little boy! Thank u so very much xx

  27. Arthur had his first shampoo and trim today…..
    Liz our groomer said what a lovely gentle puppy we have ….we were so pleased with his trim ! All hand trimmed .
    Hope you like it too Ray
    Kind regards Jan & Derek ….

  28. Hi Ray!
    Here is a picture of our lovely little Flora just over 12 weeks old. She is settling in at home really well and is a bundle of joy.
    She’s had her second lot of injections so she will soon be ready for the big wide world.
    Ray has been so helpful and full of great advice.
    Thank you so very much ~ she is perfect
    Peter & Adele Walsh

  29. Hello Ray
    Arthur is doing so well and will be six months old at the beginning of Feb….how time fly’s !
    We have just finished his training classes….it was a lovely class only six puppies….Arthur did so well…
    Laura the trainer used to smile every time she demonstrated with Arthur ……Laura said he has such a loving nature .
    I will send a photo soon after Arthur’s hand cut visit on Wednesday.!!

  30. We had Wilf a Westie from you on 9/12. He’s settled in well and our 4 yr old Westie has accepted as her own, putting him in his place when he’s naughty. He’s full of mischief and a very different character to our 4 yr old.

  31. Barney has only been with us nearly 5 days….he adores our 6 year old daughter….has learnt ‘sit’ and ‘stand’ he’s wonderful!!! Thank you Ray x

  32. We got our gorgeous cockapoo, Daisy, from you in November 2016. She is such a loving puppy and so well behaved. We couldn’t imagine our life without her. Thank you Ray!

  33. We came from a London to collect Tyson from Wales in November. Here he is on a Christmas Day walk. He is a handsome intelligent friendly and very affectionate and sweet little guy. We both love him very dearly. Thank you so much for raising him so nicely 🙂 xx

  34. Hi Ray

    This is Milo our wonderful Westie. He will be 6 in March 2017. He’s been a pleasure to have with a loving and wonderful temperament. He’s also a happy and healthy chappie. I’d recommend anyone to go to you for a loving family dog

  35. We had our Westie from you in 2013, he’s been the most adorable friend to our Labrador Stan. Our Westie loves long walks in the countryside or on the beaches, he’s so friendly and playful and has brought so much happiness to the family.



  37. We got Gracie from you in Jan this year. Just thought I would send you an update….We love her even more than ever she is our world xx

  38. Hello Mr Jones, we are delighted with our Westie and have called him “Jimmy”. He’s had the first of his vaccinations and has settled in well. I shall post you some pictures of him which are on my phone but I am using my laptop which has none it as yet. Thanks very much for all your help and advice over buying him and the superbly fast delivery. merry Xmas to you all at the kennel. Frank and Janette Jennings

  39. We travelled to Wales to buy a Westie and came away with a beautiful Cavachon on your advice Ray. This turned out to be the best decision we made all year! She has settled in so easily and has developed such a strong and loving attachment to us. She is an absolute little star and we will never forget your helpful approach and advice Ray. Merry Christmas from Gwennie and her doting family.

  40. We bought Buster from you on the 15th Feb.
    He will be 1 year old on 18th Dec.
    The greatest little dog ever. Many thanks

  41. Hello Ray
    This is Arthur at 4 months .
    Our Westie / Bichon Frise …..
    Such a loving happy puppy….
    Thank you for your help and advice in the weeks after bringing Arthur home !!!
    Jan and Derek Van – der Ploeg

  42. So so happy we bought Nelson from you. Life will never be the same – he rules the house, digs up he lawn and bullies our Scotties. Such character! Wonderful temperament and adored by us all. Thank you Ray.

  43. Our Westie ‘puppy’, Poppy, has just celebrated her 11th birthday, and is still a bundle of energy. A very healthy girl, very few visits to the vets apart from boosters,fantastic temperament with adults, children and other dogs. Poppy has even allowed a cat to join our household.

  44. Hello and a very big thank you for Arthur …..
    who came home with us on Tuesday 11 October 2016
    Just to say Arthur is a delightful Westie Bichon and full of beans exploring everywhere !!!
    A delightful character……thank you so much Ray

  45. Hi Ray
    I bought my 2 miniature schnauzers, Maisie & Poppie, from you in March 2010 after my beloved Bichon passed away. They’ve brought so much joy and fun into our lives, and they are spoilt rotten. They’ve been excellent, healthy dogs and can’t believe they are 7 in December, they still act like puppies, they’re crazy!!
    Below is a pic of them flat out after their walk!!

  46. Thank you Ray. We had our lovely boy Indie from you two weeks ago. Indie is a westie crossed with a bichon frise. Indie has already brought us so much joy!! Looking forward to sharing adventures with him.