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  1. We had our Westie Millie from Ray in March 2016. She is such a character a d we love her to the moon and back.
    If she gets cross with me she nudges my plant pots just to show me whose boss. She has a brother now a Westiepoo Ollie and together they rule the roost.

  2. We picked up our gorgeous Westie pup, Luther on Friday from Ray.
    We’ve been so impressed with Ray throughout the whole process of placing our deposit down to collection as we were so far away, we had to have a huge element of trust and Ray did not disappoint! He sent regular updates to us and was very thorough with his care information upon pick up. We highly recommend him and have actually already referred a family onto him!

  3. Medi,our miniature schnauzer will have been with us for two years at the beginning of sept 2020
    Lovely dog
    Meurig kennels highly reccomended

  4. Well I have my Sonny home with me. A lovely clever little boy. Loves his dinner,loves his toys garden runs around like a live wire. Training him hes got on lead collar walks nice. Had him Thursday morning he is a bright happy little fellow, and he knows I’m mum thank you Ray and family

  5. Hi Ray

    We have had elvis just over a month now, he has the best character, he’s super friendly an has a cheeky side which we love, he has settled in well and is never short of love from us and our visitor’s. Every time we go for walkies people stop us and say how handsome he is and how rare his colouring is. We couldn’t be happier and our home is now complete. He loves cuddles and playing. Thank you so much

  6. Hi Ray, Sooty is two years old today. It’s gone so fast. He is a hansom fella who loves to help us, he’s very chatty and let’s us know what he wants, usually a biscuit! He’s has been our saviour during lockdown, he brightened up the longest days with his mischief and fun and just his loving looks. We are so glad we found him. Thank you.

  7. Im having my pupoy in 2 weeks time, Ray very good honest breeder,he sends me videos of my puppy every 2 weeks so I have him growing up from 3 days old. Cant wait I’d recommend this family for looking after there dogs, properly so contented to buy from them

  8. Our lovely westie snowy had to put to sleep after having amazing 8 years with her. Very cheeky westie she was and going to miss her. Thank you ray given us a special dog.

  9. This is Ralph! He’s been with us for a week and a half and has settled so well. He’s a laid back little chap who loves a cwtch and chasing a tennis ball. Following a discussion with Ray regarding how best to settle him at night he’s doing brilliantly, sleeping from 10 until 7 and trained to paper. He’s a little gem.

  10. We have now had our “twins” 11 days-they are just so adorable and they have totally different personalities. Milly-Moo the smallest of the two well she’s a devil in disguise and Billy-Boo he’s just so laid back. I did think and I was a little worried with them being litter-mates that they would just bond with each other but even after these 11 short days they have shown that they love to play with each other but they also like that time apart. Milly-Moo is the instigator and Billy-Boo just follows but when it comes to other dogs he’s very protective of her and it’s really sweet to see.
    We lost our rough coated Jack Russell three days before lockdown and a friend recommended Meurig Kennels and Ray (the breeder) so on May 13th we reserved Milly-Moo a couple of days before the puppies were born, yes just the girl-it was a long wait, very long days but gave us something to look forward to. Ray kept us updated with videos and at 7 weeks we received a video of just Milly-Moo our chosen one. Then a week later a video of Milly-Moo with her mum and Boris the poodle (who is just amazing and helps look after all the puppies) and a little boy schnauzer who Ray said “Was looking for a new home and wanted to come and live with his sister down in Brecon” Ray what did you start!!!!! We thought about it but we were a little worried because we aren’t spring chickens so decided on just the girl. But the boy was on my mind and my husband I could tell was thinking of him. Anyway we were due to pick Milly-Moo up on Saturday 18th July when she was 10 weeks old but on the Thursday before I’d been in contact with Ray and reserved the boy-Billy-Boo. I can’t put in words how much our world as changed with these two fur-balls. Billy-Boo is a Mammy’s boy and loves cuddles, Milly-Moo only loves cuddles on her terms, she’d rather nibble toes but when she’s getting tired no one else is having Mammy’s lap. We have toys in almost every room, our back garden is full of toys, we’ve been nibbled and had shoes stolen but wouldn’t have it any other way. We couldn’t recommend Ray enough, so a huge thank-you from us both. I think we just might be seeing you again after all Graham & I have 2 arms each so plenty of room!!!!

  11. I have had Archie for three weeks now .He is a reminder of my beloved best friend called Archie who past away recently .We had a courier to deliver Archie ,very reluctant but with the virus a 260 miles there and 260 back it made sense .It was a great relief it turned out 100% ,courier said he slept most of the time. Ray was a great help ,updating me and giving me info ,which was useful. All in All, 100% recommended .I will update when i can .Just love my little Archie xxx

  12. Hi, we got Jack back in July 2004 from yourselves. He has been the most special boy who was loved by everyone who met him. Such a big character for a small dog, full of love & adventure. He went everywhere with us. He welcomed our 2 children & loved them dearly. Yesterday he went to sleep for the last time aged 16. Our world is shattered & he has left the biggest void imaginable. Thank you for giving us such an amazing addition to our lives.

  13. Hello!
    Our lovely boy, Rigsby is nearly 2! He makes us all a little bit more happier everyday!❤️
    Thanks again for such a soft hearted boy xxx

  14. our little tinker is 11 years old this year!
    she has the most wonderful personality and is the most loving dog i have ever met in my life!
    I can’t thank you enough for all of the joy you have brought to me, my family and my friends over the years by giving us the opportunity to have our little baby in our lives!

  15. Hi ray
    Just thought I’d send you an update of Ziggy and Lulu both bought from you ,Ziggy is now coming up 6 and Lulu 3 both now get on with each other and don’t do anything on there own .We r so happy to have the both of them and r really part of the family they have now been joined by a third narla after we said only 1

  16. Hi Ray
    Had Jack 8 years ago last December. He is the most amazing family pet we could have wished for. As stubborn as the day is long but we cannot imagine our lives without him. Xx

  17. This little girl is the best thing that happened to us.
    Six years of love and joy and we would not be without her a single day.
    The best idea we ever had was to visit Meurig kennels

  18. Had our beautiful boy Henry from you last June. He is the most gorgeous boy and has the whole family wrapped around his 🐾. Thank you so much for our gorgeous boy x

  19. Peppers 1st Birthday
    Just to thank you Ray for our wonderful bundle of mischief we collected from you early last year.
    She is really part of the family now and it’s as if we have always had her. She is always with us were ever we go and we love her to bits. Toys all over the house and garden.
    Warm regards
    Alan & Sue Francis

  20. I had my beautiful westie roxy from these kennels back in March 2008. Unfortunately I had to have her put to sleep 2 weeks ago ☹️🥺 my heart is broken, and I’m lost without her. Some amazing memories, such a great dog! She will be missed so much. R.I.P roxy.. I always said I would never have another dog,, but couldn’t believe it when I saw the same kennels are still going!! Maybe when the times right, I will be back, but this time for 2, this was my only regret, wished I’d had 2 at the time.

  21. This is Bertie who we collected just before Christmas. He is loved by everyone and is great with other dogs. He is such a character, thank you Ray!

  22. Just wanted to contact you to say thank you for our lovely puppies Carmen & Mimi. They’re just over a year old now and everyone loves them. They’re angelic when they sleep but can be little monkeys at times. But when they look at you with those big eyes all is forgiven. It took us sometime to find two sisters, but Ray was really helpful even though we were communicating from our holidays in Nepal. A first for Ray I think!

  23. Just wanted to say a big thank you to ray:)
    Milo is amazing he’s the cutest little puppy ever, ray was very friendly, milo was already puppy pad trained which helped out a lot, milo is 19 weeks and he’s coming along great we will definitely be back to get milo a little sister in the future. Yeah
    Thank you:)

  24. Hiya Ray this was Oscar are first westie we had from you he passed away in April this year, he was a wonderful companion and we miss him so much, would love to thank you for bringing him into our life we had 10 happy years with him 💙

  25. Hiya Ray this is Barney the pup we got off you on the 7th of August for my mums birthday, this is are 3rd westie pup off you and as you can see he’s wonderful, many thanks once again for a wonderful westie.

  26. Just a short note to thank you for our girl Tubbs, born ;
    4/8/03. A beautiful healthy west highland terrier that lived with us and loved us for 16 glorious years. She passed away on October 9th 2019. We will miss her every day and never stop loving her. Thank you . Lynne

  27. This is Dylan, who we collected on 19/09/19 when he was just 8 weeks old. He’s a lovely little lad most of the time, although he can go from angel to villain in a couple of seconds occasionally. But he’s our Dylan the Villain and we love him dearly! He’s not a big fan of the word no, or his lead but he made us very proud tonight, and was a credit to Meurig Kennels, when he achieved his Kennel Club Good Citizen Award at puppy class. Clever boy!

  28. I would just like to thank you for our boy Fergie who we had for twelve wonderful years he was a loving member of our family and also a great friend to everyone who met him. He fell asleep on the 4th of December 2019 and left a great hole to fill he will never be forgotten and I would just like to thank you for bringing Fergie into our life and driving all the way from Wales to Manchester. I will forever be grateful for that and will never forget the little bundle of joy you brought along with you, along with the happiness this little west highland terrier gave us all!
    Thank you and god bless

  29. We got Toby from Ray 8 weeks ago now. His been an absolutely gorgeous pup and so well behaved. He gets on very well with our 3 year old.
    Ray made the whole process go very smoothly with regular pictures and pup dates.
    I can’t thank Ray enough or recommend Meurig kennels high enough. I would definitely go back for another.

  30. We made the best decision just over 14 years ago when we travelled to Wales to collect our little Westie – Casper. He has been a trusted, loyal and wonderful friend. He had a fantastic temperament growing up in a family of three children xx We could not have wished for a better dog and would highly recommend this breeder. Our sad news is that he walked over the rainbow bridge yesterday and fell asleep for the last time🐾🐾 He had a good life and was so loved and gave so much love. Thankyou to the Bevan Jones family for such a special gift.

  31. We choose Maisie our beautiful Westie in 2011. I remember the journey from Birmingham to Wales to collect her with an excited 12 year old daughter in the car. Maisie bought nothing but pleasure to our lives, she fitted into our family perfectly, so happy and content and such a wonderful temperament, she made a little girl and in fact the whole family very happy when she entered our lives…our little snowflake. Sadly, she passed away earlier this week. Now, the house is silent when I come home, no more lying on my feet to keep them warm in the evening and no more following me from room to room. Sometime, when we feel we are ready we will definitely only come back to you for another Westie, not to replace Maisie though, no dog could do that

  32. Hi Ray,

    We had Tilly from you in May, she is adorable and a real character. She has filled the void left after our beloved Phoebe left us in January.

  33. We picked Lucie up on Thursday 5th September after traveling 163miles to fetch her from Ray at Meurig Kennels, she traveled very well in the car, she is a happy little girl always wagging her tail, and has settled into her new home very quickly.
    Lucie is 3 months old and loves to play in the garden, but also likes a lot of cuddles.

  34. We got Max roughly 3 weeks ago now and he has settled into the family so well ! We don’t know what we would do without him, he has a beautiful kind nature and is a happy, healthy little puppy. Max is always playing and getting up to mischief in the garden. Our experience with the Meurig Kennels was amazing , Ray was very accommodating and full of useful information, I would defiantly use these kennels again and recommend anyone thinking of adding a new member to their family.

    Thank you so much 🐶🐾

    Gemma & Joe

  35. Hi Ray ,

    This is our lovely Kiki that we had back on February 2019..Our life’s really changed since then. She came in our life’s when we need her most and she became a very sweet ,lovely and intelligent young lady.

  36. We sadly lost our beloved Cleo after several years of love and laughter in our family. She was a beautiful Westie that we welcomed into our home from Meurig Kennals in 2007. Old age took her from us but she will always be loved and never forgotten x

  37. We got our Cockapoo Buddy almost 2 years ago, he has a lovely temperament, is great with children and loves cuddles. His tail is always wagging and my kids say he is the best dog in the world. Would definitely recommend Meurig Kennels. Ray was great, sent photos and videos of Buddy to keep us updated whilst we were waiting for him to be old enough to leave his mum.

  38. Hi Ray, Sooty is a year old today, we can’t believe it’s gone so fast. He is a hansom, mischievous, clever little fella. He is loved by us and all who meet him. He has no fear of anything and will go anywhere and do anything. He makes us laugh all the time even when he’s being mischevious. He causes a stir where ever he goes.
    Thank you.

  39. Last week, we got our little Woody from Meurig Kennels. He is the most adorable dog and loved by everyone! Certainly brings a smile to our face. Ray was easy to contact and very helpful in the whole process. I would recommend him to anyone.

  40. This is Macs. He’s been with us since October 2016. He certainly lives up to his name of Mad Macs but we wouldn’t have him any other way! He’s exceptionally greedy, loves cwtches and lazy days!!!! He’s brought such fun and laughter to our home.

  41. Hi I recently bought two cockapoo puppies from Meurig kennels and the other dogs are so friendly and are good with puppies and boris the poodle the dad is so cute with my dogs and other puppies he is good with cooper and poppy and the owner Ray is so friendly and really good I would highly recommend them to everyone and anyone x

  42. We bought Amber, our family dog, from Meurig Kennels almost 7 years ago. Amber is loved by everyone and really is the best first dog any of us could have asked for. She is friendly, loving and is such a character.

  43. Hiya Ray here’s a pic of our pup Ned we got from you 4 weeks ago this is our second westie from you sadly we lost Oscar 7 weeks ago and wouldn’t go anywhere else for a pup, I would highly recommend Meurig kennels to anybody wanting a pup it was worth the trip from north wales to get him, many thanks again for another wonderful westie from you.

  44. We lost our 12 year old westie in January and were looking for a pup. We didnt find a breeder near us so went to Wales after doing some research about breeders there. We chose not one but two new pups, there were only two in the litter and we couldnt seperate them. Chosen at two weeks old we were unaware of just how beautiful they would turn out. Very pleased with our new additions to the family.

  45. Hi Ray

    It’s coming up to Bella 1St Birthday, and my gosh she has filled our lives with happiness n joy ?❤️..
    She definitely has filled the cap missing on our sofa or shall I say bed too ??..
    she’s be perfect dog I could ever of asked for. So just a little picture of Bella and a massive thanks to you

    Kind regards xox

  46. Hi Ray
    Just a quick note to let you know that our lives have now been completely changed for the best. We are totally besotted with our beautiful little girl who we have called “Pepper”. We have both been chewed from head to foot ? but love it. It’s great to see toy’s everywhere once again.
    Thank you so much for our little hell raiser. ?
    Trust all is well with you and the dogs at the kennel.
    Warm regards, Alan & Sue