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  1. We have had our lovely Westie Maddie for 5 weeks now and she has literally completed us! She’s a ball of fun with so much energy! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much for the great service and we will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a certain breed of pup.

  2. This is floss.. my daughter purchased her 4 years ago.. she’s so intelligent and funny.. she’s my 2 eyes. Wouldn’t be without her.. she’s a treasure

  3. Our new family member Bella Jones. Thank you so much for meeting us and giving us our perfect companion and all the advice you gave us.

  4. She is such a confident happy little pup and so responsive that she is an absolute joy. We have only had her for a few days but already we can’t imagine life without her.

    1. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for her as I’m interested in getting a schnauzer from the kennels too. Thanks

  5. My boy Frankie, we got him 12 years ago and he is the loveliest cocker Spaniel, beautiful temperament and such a character. Will be a ripe age of 13 this September.

  6. Very pleased with Buster very good temperament and very good with children.Worth the long trip to get him from Es sex. Can see more pics on facebook (BUSTER CRUK)

  7. We bought our 2 babies, Mischief and Sophie from you back in 2005! Our girls are 13 now. Not that they realise it!
    They are amazing little girls who have brought us many years of joy!! Thank you Meurig

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  9. Hi Ray, Just to say that we are delighted with the pup we collected on Dec 23rd. She’s a constant delight to us. She’s now 8 months old and full of mischief! Thank you. Jo

  10. This is Kevin two years and four months. He’s bigger than the miniature schnauzer around here. But wouldn’t change him one bit, he’s the best thing we have ever had. Love him and he loves us.

  11. This is Angus. We got him last July. He was one year old on Monday. Can’t imagine life without him, he’s the best dog we could of hoped for. Thank you!

  12. We got Snowy almost a week ago along with his brother Lewis. His brother stayed with my mum and dad and snowy came back home to Glasgow with us. He’s adorable, lovely nature and very well behaved. The price was very reasonable and ideal as they both came with some of the jabs. Ideal and friendly dog breeders

  13. It’s a week since our little Alfie joined our family and he has settled in so well . He is such an intelligent and comical little pup with a wonderful temperament. We would recommend Ray and the Love and Care he shows to his pups to anyone.
    Thank you for our Wonderful Alfie

  14. Hello Ray,

    Had 2 great cockapoos last year, Alfie and Bertie,

    really affectionate dogs, really well adjusted, we have cats and they all get on so well!

    Ray is always so helpful and understanding, and there to offer help if required.

  15. We got Skye about a week and a half ago and she is a lovely bouncy dog keeping our miniature daschund on her toes. We love Skye to bits defiantly made the right choice 🙂

  16. This is our Bella (or should I say hella) no ray she is a wonderful companion for my wife who as MS she is now 1year old and now part of the family.

  17. Dear Ray and family,

    Matilda has been with us for just under a month now and has really settled in to family life. She’s a bit of a princess and is happiest when getting fuss and attention but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She has really enriched our lives in every way possible! Thank you for being so patient and kind with us as we fretted over whether or not to take her sister at the same time. We would thoroughly recommend Meurig kennels and who knows… in a year or two we may be back to find Matilda a little brother or sister. (if I can convince the hubby by then!)
    Here’s a pupdate of Matilda ruling the roost from up on high.
    Best wishes,
    Ciaran, Rae and Tilly xx

  18. I got Arya Silver Arrow one year and few months ago . Ray was very nice and I didn’t feel under any pressure to decide there’s and then , I was given time and space to think and choose my little baby carefully (though all of them puppies were adorable ) . Also Ray gave me advice and was at the end of the phone when I did not know how to sort out vaccinations etc . I got a little worried as my pup had a cough so he was able to advise me over the phone and reassure which is great if this is your first oil ! I was given feeding advice and a leaflet how to care after the puppy which I thought was brilliant . She is an amazing company very good temperament and already we are thinking to get another one ! Thank you very much Ray ! This little bundle of joy has changed my life !

  19. We collected Phoebe almost 6 months ago now. We already a 6 year old female, Tilly and we couldn’t be more happy with how well they get on. They are true sisters and adore each other. We get sooooo many comments on how well natured and how happy our Phoebe is. She’s a pure bundle of joy and we wouldn’t change her for the world. Thanks Meurig Kennels, she’s a beaut 🙂

  20. Hi Ray , just to let you know that our Chester is
    now 7 months & has definitely enriched our life’s . Our fur baby
    Is so loved by all the family, and our friends ! Strangers stop us when walking to say what a beaut he is ! Chester is Happy, , mischievous with a very loving nature! We are so pleased we got our boy from your kennel.
    I would highly recommend you & your ongoing professional support .
    A massive thank you to you & your family.

  21. Hi Ray, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our little Nugget he’s an absolute joy,six months now so will be having his first trim as soon as it gets a bit warmer Thankyou

  22. Hi

    This is baz after his first hair cut (6 months old)

    He is a lovely natured pup with a great personality

    Thanks again

  23. Hi Ray

    This is Baz at 6 months old; photo taken after his first hair cut. This was the puppy in your video “Cockapoo’s up to no good” – really happy with him he has a perfect temperament and character.
    Thanks again for our lovely pup

  24. Ray our Westie is alittle shit But a brilliant dog many thanks Malcolm your pain in the ass . Thanks for all your help, Malcolm Hereford

  25. Hi!
    This is Dexter who we had from you guys in April 2012. He’ll be 6 next month and is still as mischievous as he was as a puppy

    After looking at all the photos on here by off chance of googling to see if you were still going I’ll need to start persuading the husband for a second one!

  26. We picked our Westhigland puppy Millie up Saturday lovely little dog it’s like she’s been here years settled straight away in very happy customer,s

  27. Very happy customer we collect our little Millie Westfie puppy Saturday and she settled straight away in the house it’s like she’s been here years lovely little dog love her to bits

  28. Hi Ray
    We have had two westies off you our Rosie in 2003 and our Tilly in 2016 .
    With a heavy heart Rosie gained her angel wings today to fly to the rainbow bridge. We had just over 14 years with her she was my baby girl and she will be missed so much.thank you for giving us such a beautiful girl. Our Tilly is also lovely different personality but just as loving .
    Totally heart broken

  29. Dear Ray
    We adopted Flora 12 months ago today. We just wanted to email to let you know she is the most wonderful little Westie. She has brought such joy to our lives this past year.
    She is a healthy, happy and lovely little friend to our whole family. Thank you and happy New Year. Peter & Adele

  30. Have had Alfie for just a week and I can’t believe what a great little puppy he is he settled in so well would recommend meurig kennels to anyone they were so helpful when buying my pup and I feel confident knowing there on the end of the phone if I need advise thank you meurig kennels

  31. Merry Christmas Ray!

    Betsy Elizabeth is now 7.5 months and fabulous! (and mischevious bordering on naughty ha)

    Thanks again for our lovely pup x

  32. Thank you for being so understanding Ray with my wife being made redundant this side of Christmas. Thanks for saying you will refund the deposit I paid over the phone, that is a massive help ??We were really disappointed not to have been able to come and take one of your beautiful cockapoos ?. We will definitely be coming to you in the new year once we are sorted financially. You are an amazing man and can’t wait to be in contact soon. The Warne family.

  33. I visited the kennels after my bichon passed away, I came home with 2 little sisters…. miniature schnauzers Maisie & Poppie, they are 8 years old next month…. can’t belive how fast it’s gone! They bring so much joy to our family, and are so spoilt, even by the grandparents!!

  34. Went to get Greta a lovely little girl and came back with Betsie and Boris – into everything but absolutely lovely – so happy – Ray was really helpful

  35. This is floss. Who we had 3 years ago.. she is so adorable.
    And may I add. Has had an acting debut. In the grand theatre in Swansea. As the leading lady’s dog. In la bohemme opera..
    couldn’t be prouder.
    Love her so much

  36. Hi Ray,

    We collected Paddy on 2nd July (born 14th April) and he has settled in amazingly! He is full of so much character and is loved by everyone he meets 🙂

    He’s already graduated from puppy school and has moved up to another class and he is brilliant. He picks up everything he’s taught.

    Below is a picture of him showing off his favourites trick.

  37. Hi Ray,

    Just wanted to send an update on Millie our westie pup that we
    collected from you on the 7th September. She has settled really well and all of the family have fallen in love with her. She is such a character and loves going for walks.

    I’ve attached a picture of her for you.

    Thank you


  38. We bought a westiepoo from here about 18 months ago, she has turned into the most beautiful dog we have ever owned, we will definitely be back ?

  39. Hi Ray, just an update on Boris our Westie/Scottie cross! As you can see he had settled in really well (ha!) & Benji and he are now best pals! It was definitely the right decision to take him home we love them both ❤️
    Will send you another pic when he has grown a bit more! ?
    Thank you for everything

  40. Hi Ray

    I collected my westie female pup from you last Saturday. She’s settling in very well and loves all of us; including Alfie, our rescue dog. She is enjoying short walk, playing, eating, endless cuddles & sleeping. I’ve called her Letty.

    I’m so much happier now. I think Stitch would have approved. Thank you so much.

    Sheryl Cadden

    P.S. I would also like to say and huge thank you to Elizabeth Pointer for her lovely message of condolence. I was emotional while reading it, but only due to my happiest memories if being with my Stitch.

  41. Hi, this is Ginny, who we welcomed into our home in June. Ginny has settled in so well, and we love her to bits, she has so much character, no shoe or slipper will ever be safe in our house again, very independent, (and incredibly nosey!) she has even won the cats affection.

  42. Hi Ray,
    Just an update on the two Scottie x westie pups we purchased from you nearly two weeks ago, Bonnie and Jake. They have both settled in well and had their final injections today, so can start taking them out for short walks from next week.

    Denise & Dave Hayes

  43. Our lovely westie, snowy is 7 on October 2nd – wonder if you remember him? When we came to chose him he only had half a tail as he’d had an accident or had it bitten off, nevertheless his personality won us over and people comment on how beautiful he is – we love him to bits – loyal, protective but very very stubborn !!